Following are the required procedures for Viterbi units:

  • Notify Viterbi Facilities of any moves of Faculty, Staff or Students
  • Notify Viterbi Facilities of any new hires or terminations or office space transfers. Indicate all applicable space details (i.e. room numbers of lab or office space as well as RA or TA space, if the space shared, etc.)
  • To request new or additional space complete the VSoE Space Request Form and submit to Jeffrey Wigintton
  • To request upgrades to space(s) complete the VSoE Facilities Request Form and submit to Jeffrey Wigintton
  • It is the responsibility of the Department Business Managers to:
  • Notify FMS Customer Resource Center at (213) 740-6833 or for:
    1. General cleaning issues
    2. Leaks of any types
    3. Concerns with room temperature
    4. General maintenance issues including window blind repair, replacement of light bulbs, broken or missing ceiling tiles, etc.
  • Office door signage for new Faculty or Staff. Please contact USC Purchasing for approved signage Vendors
  • Have vacated spaces clean and free of old furniture, laboratory equipment, computer(s), etc.
    • Document shredding
    • Notify USC Surplus Sales to have old furniture removed. Please contact: Ernesto Carbajal (Ernie) at (213) 821-1032 or